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игра где нужно деньги

Игра где нужно деньги

Sadly, on higher tiers practically every battle ends with a loss of some игра где нужно деньги. It forces players to play on low-level vehicles in игра где нужно деньги to gain money for bullets and repairs. So, what vehicles should you play with in order to get some money without using a premium account or premium tanks. Most of all, you must known that tanks from level V-VI are the most profitable to play with.

A specific model is less important. You should choose a tank that you like to play with and are getting good results with. After suffering a great loss you should be slightly in plus, after an average battle with 1-2 frags you should earn around игра где нужно деньги thousand. Good battles with lots of damage dealt and a few destroyed tanks will reward you with 20-40 thousand credits. A good option for the beginners is the KV-1 tank.

He has a great armor, very good cannon and the random system usually throws you at the top. Another good option is American heavy tank T1 or its successor M6. Those two tanks should allow you to earn good. If you prefer medium tanks, you can select Russian T-34-85, American Sherman Jumbo or German Panzer IV H игра где нужно деньги with howitzer.

If you play with tank destroyers then игра где нужно деньги should select the tank that gives you the best results. American Hellcat is a good choice.

For some players earning money in the regular way will be too time consuming and they игра где нужно деньги decide to spend some real cash. First thing you should do in that case is buy premium account. The longer subscription you buy, игра где нужно деньги lower its price. You can find some special premium vehicles in the game which you can buy for real money and they give you additional bonus игры где много денег на андроид the amount of credits earned.]



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Игра где нужно деньги



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Игра где нужно деньги



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Игра где нужно деньги



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Игра где нужно деньги



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